UTC students dig deep at Royal Navy Junior Leaders Field Gun Competition

Field Gun Challenge - Elutect students

Nine UTCs competed in the Royal Navy’s prestigious, invite only, Junior Leaders Field Gun (JLFG) Competition on 7 July 2017 at HMS Collingwood in Fareham. The competition is designed to inspire the scientists, engineers and technicians of the future, helping to build essential skills for the world of work, including team work, self-reliance, resilience and communication.

The competing UTCs included Aston University Engineering Academy, Derby Manufacturing UTC, Elutec Academy of Design and Engineering, Greater Peterborough UTC, UTC@Harbourside, South Wiltshire UTC, Plymouth UTC, UTC Reading and South Devon UTC.

With dedication and hardwork, the Elutec students came first out of the nine UTC teams and fifth overall beating four of the nine Royal Navy’s own teams. Students trained hard during the week of the competition while they lived on HMS Bristol in Portsmouth. During this time the students learned how to work together as a team and gave it their all on the day of the competition.

Elutec Principal, Ruth Umerah said:

We are immensely proud of the success our students achieved against some the top field gun teams in the country.

Elutec student, Helma Cordoza, talked about her experience competing in the JLFG and working as part of a team:

Joining Field Gun was nothing I or the others had expected, it was much harder and it is an experience I would definitely do again. Waking up at 5am and having to march at 6am was a nightmare at the beginning but it taught me discipline and self-pride along the week, it brought people together that we had never spoken to and we became a crew, a family. We had never expected or anticipated we would do as well as we did especially going against military and cadets that train for this day in and day out and are older and stronger than us, but we stayed motivated and most importantly we trusted and believed in each other, I would say that was what got us into the finals and labelled us as the top UTC. Who said age and height matters? We proved them wrong!

Team facilitator at Elutec, who attended the final in Portsmouth, Mrs Jan Tricks said:

Fifth place overall and TOP UTC – our young people gave their heart and soul in this competition with a starting place of zero to this magnificent result. Every knock, blister and every bead of sweat showed them as the amazing young people they are. When they could go no further and were exhausted they dug in deep to find something more to give. I am honoured to have facilitated this event for Team Elutec again, and plan to do so in 2018. This is incredible progress and what the Royal Navy called extraordinary.

For more information about Elutec, please visit: www.elutec.co.uk

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