UTC Sheffield launches public consultation to lower student recruitment age

UTC Sheffield City Centre Students

UTC Sheffield has launched a public consultation on proposals to recruit younger students from the age of 13 starting in September 2018. Students currently join the UTC at the age of 14 in Year 10 or at the age of 16 in Year 12, and complete technical as well as academic qualifications including GCSEs and A Levels.

Young people, parents, employers, and the wider public, are being encouraged to have their say on the proposals which would see students being able to apply to join the UTC in Year 9. Nick Crew, Executive Principal, UTC Sheffield, said:

UTCs provide a well-rounded education and train young people in the technical skills their regional economy needs. As one of the most successful UTCs in the country, we want our students to have the best possible opportunity to fulfil their academic and technical potential – which is why we are proposing to lower our recruitment age.

Students’ progress noticeably accelerates once they start at UTC Sheffield, so having the chance to join us earlier will be advantageous for their progress. The majority of schools now start preparing pupils for their GCSEs in Year 9. The new style GCSEs introduced this year also reflect that approach. Being able to join the UTC earlier, at the age of 13 rather than 14, and at the start of their three-year GCSE curriculum, will provide more continuity for our students.

To download the consultation briefing and complete the online survey, please click here. The consultation closes on June 18th 2017.

For more information on UTC Sheffield, please visit www.utcsheffield.org.uk.

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