Student destinations flying high for 2017

UTC destinations 2017

More than 1900 18 year olds left UTCs this summer and have secured a range of impressive destinations. In all 97% of students have stayed in education, begun an apprenticeship, or started a job. Of the others, 2% took a gap year and only 1% were NEET (the figure for NEETs nationally is 12%).

UTC students have continued to select the apprenticeship route. 26% took this route, which is three times higher than the national figure (7%). The number of Higher or Degree apprenticeship was also much higher than the national figure, 37% at UTCs but only 6% nationally.

Lucy Doran, who left UTC Oxfordshire this year, secured an apprenticeship with Culham Centre of Fusion Energy and said:

I can’t believe how much experience I’m taking with me from my two years at the UTC. The employer led projects, the workshops, the chance to network with employers; it’s all given me an insight into jobs in the engineering industry and I can’t wait to begin my apprenticeship.

46% of students went to university with a large proportion pursuing STEM-related degrees.

Jake Stuchbury-Wass, who left UTC Sheffield City Centre this year and secured a place at the University of Cambridge, said:

Studying at the UTC has really prepared me for for my longer term university and career ambitions.

17% of UTC leavers also started jobs and 8% pursued other forms of education.


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