Our colleges

UTCs are a national family of almost 50 state-funded schools that offer a distinctively different educational choice from other schools. They offer a secondary-age education for Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 (usually age 14-18) with some starting earlier at Key Stage 3. By recruiting at age 14, UTCs provide a fresh-start for many young people in a supportive, smaller school environment.

UTCs are more than just a school. As well as providing a strong grounding in the core subjects of English, Maths and Science, each UTC has one or more technical specialism linked to their local industry partners. The curriculum provides a blend of academic and technical learning, with balance appropriate to each Key Stage. Programmes of study demonstrate high academic and technical ambition for all pupils, building the vital employability skills, personal values and professional behaviours required by UTC leavers for rapid progression into the UTC’s target technical sector. UTCs invest in young people’s enthusiasm and aptitude for science, maths and technology, and in doing so accelerate their progression to a career in a technical field. In turn this progression will feed the talent pipeline into UTCs’ target technical sectors.


The UTC model is licensed by Baker Dearing, and UTCs sign up to a charter setting out the expectations for their unique character and educational contribution. There are a number of characteristics which help define this special ‘UTCness’.