UTCs combine the standard core curriculum subjects you would study in other schools with specialist technical qualifications relating to each UTC’s specialism. While a UTC education was originally targeted at KS4 and 5, some UTCs are now recruiting into KS3.


As specialist UTCs, we don’t limit the options that you can choose to study at GCSE – in fact, we provide all the national curriculum subjects, plus a whole lot more.

Our specialised option choices support routes into engineering, science, health and social care, media and much more. When you apply to a UTC, you’ll get impartial advice on which options would benefit you the most, and the best route into your future career.

Alongside the core curriculum subjects, our students select a range of optional subjects, which give them a good foundation if they want to later specialise in a certain area in sixth form.

Our subject options have been designed in conjunction with our university and industry partners, to make sure that students get the best possible education options, for the roles of the future. We’ve worked closely with our partners to cover the key skills, experiences and attributes needed in the science, engineering and healthcare sectors. Our students have everything at their fingertips to make an informed decision about the best route through education for them, playing to their personal strengths and interests.


At sixth form, UTCs work closely with students and their parents to make sure young people opt for the best combination of subjects to help them achieve their ambitions. And, if students are unsure about their future goals, we can advise on how best to keep options open and find out what really inspires them. We also offer our students a variety of project-based learning, placements and masterclasses, so they get a real taste for the jobs and environments that they’re passionate about.