Narveer Kaur Toor

Narveer Kaur Toor studied a UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production and Technologies at Global Academy. After receiving a merit, she’s gone on to become a digital marketing apprentice at the BBC.

“One of the main reasons for me wanting to join the Global Academy was due to the connections that the school had access to,” she says. “This was very important to me, as I knew that the industry that I wanted to join would be very connection based. Not only that, the majority of the teachers were from a media/ marketing background, meaning that I knew that my teachers would be able to help advise me on what essential skills I’d need to get to the next stage after education.”

Narveer felt that the work experience she received at Global Academy was valuable. Being encouraged to create a LinkedIn profile and portfolio to help with building contacts in the industry was something she wouldn’t have got from her previous school, she admits.

“All the skills I have learnt at school really did prepare me for my apprenticeship – for example, planning documents and deadlines for course work,” she says.

“The most important lesson the school taught me is that you must go the extra mile. Every student in the country does the same thing at school but to make yourself stand out you need to have projects outside of school, whether that be creating films to making mini marketing campaigns. This really helps, not only for applications for university or apprenticeships but also helps with strengthening your skill set.”