Octopus Formal Sponsorship Agreed with The GPUTC


The Greater Peterborough UTC are delighted to welcome Octopus as our newest official sponsor.

In May 2019, the Greater Peterborough UTC met with Mr Jon Redding (pictured above) the Business Development Manager with the local IT Support Organisation, Octopus, to discuss a formal partnership agreement.

Octopus had previously won the contract to support the GPUTC IT Systems and since this agreement, a strong, conducive and professional relationship has been forged. We are also delighted that a former student of the GPUTC has been taken on as an Apprentice for Octopus.

Mr Redding kindly provided us with the following statement;

“Octopus Computers is an IT managed service provider supporting businesses, schools and homes with all their IT needs. Trading since 2016 they’ve grown quickly due to great levels of customer service, communication and integrity.

Octopus as a sponsor are excited to begin their sponsorship journey with GPUTC and hopefully support students with future careers in technology. Additionally, they will be working with the teachers to help develop some applied learning projects alongside work placements.”

Greater Peterborough UTC’s Vice Principal, Mr Steven Coleby added;

“I am absolutely delighted to have Octopus Computers as a formal sponsor. I have been continuously impressed by the levels of support we’ve had as both a business and a UTC already. We had identified that we have a number of gifted and talented learners who are looking at careers within IT, so not only does this sponsorship allow more frequent contact with a specialist from the area, but also offers a pathway into a future career. To be able to say that a previous student from our UTC is already on an apprenticeship with this Organisation shows the effective relationship already, and the promise for the future.”

To read more about Octopus, you can visit their website on the link below.