Bright young people work with UTCs to inspire students

Ashley Lockwood - Yipiyap

Yipiyap in-school tutors is an academic support service which has been introduced for the first time this year in UTCs.

Yipiyap stands for ‘Young Inspiring People Inspiring Young Aspiring People’ and the scheme combines all the benefits of formalised peer mentoring with a low maintenance and completely bespoke approach.

The tutors are close in age to their students and have recently left school. This means that as well as the benefits in terms of improving outcomes, tutors help to raise aspirations among pupils.

As of November 2016, there are two Yipiyap tutors working in UTCs: Ashley, who tutors Science and English at Greater Manchester Sustainable Engineering UTC, and Najib, who supports Maths at South Bank Engineering UTC. Both tutors have made a fantastic start to the year, receiving ‘Excellent’ ratings from their respective Principals and Heads of Subject.

Yipiyap tutor Ashley Lockwood spoke positively about his experience working with UTC students:

I believe the UTC model is particularly enriching for the students, as it develops useful skills for their later life – skills that I didn’t have access to when I was in school. Although the unique and challenging courses mean that the days can be long and the workload can be intense, when the students I tutor say they look forward to me coming in every Thursday it all feels worthwhile.

Dun Cundy, Principal at South Bank Engineering UTC, said:

We are very pleased with Najib, who is punctual, smartly dressed and communicates well. He has already had impact with some of our students – adding value across both year groups in maths and in the mathematical components of engineering. He has good mathematical ability, a great attitude and the ability to build relationships quickly with students and staff.

To find out more please visit or email to find out about availability in your local area.

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