Stephen Leahey

Stephen Leahey

Address Brunel Way
The Bridge Development


Phone 01322 626 600

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Specialism: Computer science | Engineering

Location: Dartford

Date of opening: September 2014

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The Leigh UTC offers 14 – 19 year olds in the Dartford region the opportunity to study a technical based programme of learning alongside core GCSE and A-Level subjects. The UTC specialises in providing an education for young people in Computer Science, Engineering and Manufacturing.

Its students work on real-world projects and develop skills by taking part in work experience placements offered by employer partners. During their time at The Leigh UTC, students develop skills that are transferable to the workplace and open up new pathways to employment.

The school runs a business mentoring programme for its students to develop self-confidence, self-awareness, self-esteem and improve progress in their academic studies, raise their aspirations of their own academic potential, future career and employment opportunities.

Leigh UTC students also take part in a number of sporting events and activities including table tennis, basketball, football and health related exercise.

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The benefits of the University Technical College would give young people the opportunity to develop their skills and gain further qualifications (supported by local employers). It would provide an integrated approach within local businesses and provides a technical and academic basis for learning.

Tim Hollands
Property Manager, Bluewater

I would like to take this opportunity to re-emphasise our commitment to help and support the UTC bid.

Chris Thompson
Engineering Training Manager, Eurostar International Ltd

It’s great that work on the Leigh UTC has started. The building at The Bridge will provide a valuable educational facility specialising in engineering and computer sciences. It will engage with businesses, the local community and those further afield.

Graham Harris
CEO, Dartford Borough Council

CSB Logistics recognises the importance of the contribution by business to the community and in particular in education. It recognises its responsibility to communicate the gaps and needs of business both now and in the future and through its engagement with education lend its support to the future success of young people.

Having identified the innovative style of UTCs and its close partnership with business, also its high standard of practical and relevant education, we are particularly pleased to be able to support the Leigh UTC and its work in creating the young engineers that our country needs in the future.

During our involvement from the start, we have been given the opportunity to engage at all levels in the development of the Leigh UTC and we look forward to our continued participation in helping to deliver an education for young people that will not only increase their opportunity for work but enable them to pursue a valuable career that will enhance not only their own personal well-being but that of the nation.

Clive Barker
Chairman, CSB Logistics

Kenard Engineering has been delighted to have been so closely involved with the creation, design and development of The Leigh UTC. We firmly believe that this project will provide a solid foundation for creating the engineers of the future. I am pleased to confirm our total support for both the designs of the building and the education brief that has been developed for this UTC.

Keith Ellis
Managing Director, Kenard Engineering Co Ltd