Chris Mitchell

Chris Mitchell

Address Studio Way,


Phone 020 8386 6220

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Specialism: Multimedia | Production arts | Digital technology and communication for entertainment industries

Location: Borehamwood

Date of opening: September 2013

Elstree UTC is a 14-19 school that specialises in behind-the-scenes multimedia and technical arts. Its curriculum combines these technical, industry-relevant studies with core academic GCSE and A Level subjects, ensuring a rounded education for students that helps them build strong foundations for their future careers.

Based close to London in Hertfordshire, Elstree UTC is supported by the University of Hertfordshire and leading employers in the technical arts and culture industry. They provide work experience programmes for students to participate in throughout their studies. The UTC also has its own media production company.

Elstree UTC combines academic study with creativity. Young people who study there gain the high-quality skills they need to meet the expectations of the film, theatre and television industry.

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