Adanma Umunna

Adanma Umunna

Address UTC@harbourside
Railway Quay
East Sussex


Phone 01273 916 170

Specialism: Marine engineering | Environmental engineering

Location: Newhaven

Date of opening: September 2015

UTC@Harbourside will develop engineers for the future with the specialist skills and environmental awareness needed to support the increasing role of renewable 'green' and marine technologies such as wind farms and tidal energy generators. The UTC will take an exciting, innovative, business-led, problem-solving approach so that students achieve relevant work-related qualifications and transferable skills for future training or employment. Students will work independently and collaboratively tackling real life environmental and marine engineering business problems.

We are united in our belief that it will bring positive benefits to young people from the local community and beyond, helping them to access employment and career opportunities in the rapidly growing sectors of environmental and marine engineering.

Professor Julian Crampton
Vice-Chancellor, University of Brighton

We fully support the creation of the UTC and believe that is has the potential to make a significant contribution to the regeneration of Newhaven and provide a centre of excellence for learning about the exciting technologies that now support the delivery of environmental services and making the world a cleaner greener place.

Allan Key
General Manager (South Downs), Veolia Environmental Services

The UTC will offer exciting and outstanding learning and employment opportunities for young people and make a major contribution to the regeneration and economic development in the Newhaven area and wider region.

Jenny Rowlands
Chief Executive, Lewes District Council

We believe that the UTC will stimulate entrepreneurship within environmental and marine engineering and will allow young people to take a lead in developing these industries in Newhaven.

Sir Rod Aldridge OBE
Chairman, Aldridge Foundation