Below is a comprehensive timeline of the Duke of York Award process, from application through to announcement of award winners.

The timeline includes useful links and downloads in pink boxes on the right, for students, UTCs and assessors.


January Sign-up
Identify cohort of students to take part in the Duke of York Award.

Information for students

Information for UTCs

February Student record
Track students’ progress and provide students with their own records.

TLM spreadsheet template

TLM spreadsheet instructions

Duke of York Gold Award

Duke of York Silver Award

Duke of York Bronze Award

March Assessor recruitment
External volunteer assessors to interview students.

Duke of York Assessors

April Student assessment
Internal interviews to assess the level of award for students.

Technical information for UTCs

May Volunteer assessment
External volunteers interview students and assess the level of award.

Volunteer assessor interview record

Gold Award sample questions

Silver Award sample questions

June Submit volunteer forms
Scan and email the completed forms for verification and anomaly checks.


September Record qualifications
Use the TLM spreadsheet to enter the QAN codes and grades for each qualification.

TLM spreadsheet template

TLM spreadsheet instructions

October Upload TLM spreadsheet
Upload completed spreadsheet to the TLM database.


November Inform students about awards
You will receive information about successful award winners and of the date of the award ceremony.