Abi wants to break into the automotive industry when she leaves school. She talked to us about inspiring girls to pursue careers in STEM.

What are you studying and what do you enjoy learning about most?

I am currently doing a BTEC level 3 in engineering, at the WMG Academy. I have most enjoyed learning through the companies that have come into the school to give us projects that are often based on real problems they have had.

What do you want to do when you leave the UTC?

When I leave the UTC, I want to do a degree apprenticeship in manufacturing, I would like to do this at an automotive company.

When you heard Ada Lovelace’s story what did you think?

Her story is very impressive, she was very lucky to have a mother that pushed for her education and she never backed down to the expectations of what women should be like. There are many women who have helped create modern technology yet we don’t hear much about them.

Why do you think this is and what can we do about it?

They were often not recognised for what they achieved when they achieved due to women being seen as inferior, so they were just forgotten about. To change this when subjects are taught to children any women that were involved should be talked about as much as the men. What do you think are the main issues that the 21st century women face in STEM? Some men think that women are not capable of working within engineering, which means that women often have to work harder to prove themselves.

How can we encourage more women into careers in STEM?

Allowing girls at a young age to have a go at STEM activities, getting them excited and making careers in STEM appeal to them

What does your UTC do to inspire and support you?

They run many enrichments at the academy and I took part in F1 in schools, which encouraged me to pursue a career in engineering, as I enjoyed learning about all the process involved in designing the car.

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