Studying at a UTC

Over his two years at UTCN George has benefitted from the UTC’s strong partnerships with local and national employers both as part of the curriculum and outside of it.

The links with industry are a unique part of the UTC. They mean we get to experience the world of work and can get insider knowledge which really helps with our career decisions. They’ve also given me the opportunity to take part in some fun extra-curricular projects like the Royal Navy Engineering Challenge which really tested our technical skills and creativity.

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It’s not just the UTC’s state of the art facilities and links with employers that have made a big impression on George; the way the teaching staff interact with students is noticeably different to his last school.

The teachers are all so knowledgeable and skilled in their subjects and they treat us with respect and as equals. That makes a big contribution to the overall business-like feel of the school.

Looking to the future

Before he moved to UTCN, George was planning a career in the offshore industries and had never considered joining the forces but his experience of the Royal Navy while at the UTC opened his mind.

He applied for their apprenticeship and was accepted onto their accelerated apprenticeship specialising in marine engineering.

I knew I wanted to do an apprenticeship rather than go to university because I learn best on the job, not behind a desk. The three things that drew me to this apprenticeship were the level of training with the option to keep progressing, the chance to travel the world, and the excellent pay and benefits – I wouldn’t get these three things from a traditional university degree.

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