Adam was hooked on his engineering course and it didn’t take long for him to switch again, this time to triple engineering(a Level 3 National Extended Diploma, equivalent to three A Levels).

Fully committing himself to the subject he loves has set Adam on track for success and he’s already making a name for himself in the world of engineering, beating off thousands of talented individuals in the Young Engineer of Britain competition. His idea for a durable smartphone with interchangeable components was singled out at the Big Bang Fair this year and Adam was presented with the Young Engineers Award for Craftsmanship.

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Studying at a UTC

The longer school day which UTCs operate hasn’t been an issue for Adam and although he now has to travel further to school, for him it is more than worth it.

The atmosphere at UTC Reading is completely different to my previous schools. It’s a business like environment; students and staff are equals, and that contributes massively to the style of learning. I enjoy the freedom that we are given and the fact we are trusted not to abuse that freedom.

And it’s not just within the UTC that Adam feels he’s being prepared for the real world of work. The links with industry have given him the chance to make connections and network as well as providing the opportunity to get involved in both individual and group challenges.

Looking to the future

Adam’s not sure exactly which direction he’ll take once he finishes his A Levels but there’s no doubt it will involve engineering in some capacity. He’s aiming for university and looking into sponsored degrees via engineering companies.

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