Adam Zaman joined Aston University Engineering Academy (AUEA) in Year 12. During this time, he followed a cutting edge curriculum that enabled him to focus on his passions in engineering and construction. He achieved equivalent to three A* grades at A Level and was also awarded a Building Birmingham Scholarship (BBS)*,through which he was given work placements during school holidays, and later received financial support for his degree.

Adam now is his second year of a sponsored degree programme in Construction Management at Birmingham City University, and is a full time employee of Capita as a Trainee Project Manager.

Adam was interviewed by the BBS team as one of its successful scholars. Here, he talks about how the support he received throughout his education fast-tracked him to his dream career.

What inspired you into construction?

"My biggest inspiration for me was my father. Growing up I would find myself giving him an extra hand during school holidays and on weekends on the various construction projects he had carried out. I realised I wanted to do this at a professional level, so I looked into the various courses available."

When did you decide to go to AUEA and why?

"In 2012, once I had left secondary school, I had to make a decision as to where I would like to go to study for the next two years. I wanted to find somewhere that would help me concentrate on what I wanted to do as a future career and stand out from others to prospective employers. At the time, I knew I wanted to go into the discipline of Engineering so I decided on Aston University Engineering Academy. It had a lot of other students interested in the same things as me, as well as a wide range of facilities and the relevant links with industry."

What interested you about BBS?

"The thing that interested me the most about BBS was the opportunities it offered to its scholars. This ranged from financial support to internships and placement opportunities, which is what students lack during university."

How has BBS helped support you?

"The BBS supported me financially during my first year of studies at University and also helped me to get two holiday work placements with Capita."

What did you learn during your placements?

"I benefited from working on a wide range of projects, from refurbishments schemes to new builds. I was given the opportunity to work with Senior Project Managers, learning new key skills as I went along."

What is your role now at Capita?

"I am now in full time employment with Capita, working as a Trainee Project Manager."

What are your aspirations?

"My aspirations are to become a Chartered Project Manager once graduated."

* The Building Birmingham Scholarship (BBS) is a bursary programme, launched in 2013 by Birmingham City Council. It supports local young people into careers in the construction and built environment sectors. Read more.

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