Studying at a UTC

UTC Norfolk (UTCN) allowed Josh to combine an engineering BTEC with A Levels in maths, physics and chemistry.

Having access to industry standard machinery at school has played a big part in Josh’s success during the first year of his degree, where he achieved a 2:1, as it meant he was already familiar with much of the equipment and technology in the university’s workshop.

The mix of hands on learning and academic work was one of the things I enjoyed most about UTCN. It meant that one lesson we’d be sitting behind desks in the classroom and the next we’d be at the controls of some industry standard machinery in the workshop.

As well as the physical similarities between UTCN and university, Josh has also benefitted from some crossover in course content between his BTEC and his degree.

There were two modules in particular where the BTEC really helped me. In one of them I was group leader and I’m certain that without the two years of experience the college gave me I would not have been able to lead with such confidence and receive such a good mark.

While Josh left the UTC over a year ago, he is still making use of the industry connections he made during his time there.

The opportunities for networking and getting involved in real-world projects were a real pull for me when considering the UTC and they have more than delivered.

Looking to the future

He’s aiming to graduate with a first-class honours degree and after the success of his first year he’s well on track. Ultimately Josh wants to work his way up to the top in a large engineering firm and he’s confident his two years at UTCN have given him a head start.

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