Getting involved in UTCs offers universities an opportunity to help ensure students are fully prepared for higher education.

Universities play a central role in the development and running of a UTC. Alongside employers they help to shape the teaching and learning students receive.

What do universities do?

"England needs to transform the quality and quantity of its school-based technical education. UTCs are critical to achieving this. They are forging new partnerships with employers and higher education, creating the excellent technical schools which the country has lacked for generations."

Professor Nick Petford
Vice Chancellor and CEO, University of Northampton

Universities support UTCs in many ways, including:

  • providing teaching staff to help in specialist subjects, e.g. maths for engineering

  • nominating governors to direct the leadership of the UTC

  • giving students an insight into university life

  • organising access to specialist equipment and facilities on campus

  • providing individual mentors for students

  • guiding students on the best route for their goals.

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More than 50 universities are supporting UTCs across the country and helping young people to receive a unique education.

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