Whether you are a university, employer, local council or any other institution or individual interested in starting up a University Technical College, Baker Dearing Educational Trust would love to hear from you.

Jack Rickard from our Advisory Team is available to give advice and guidance on the application process and next steps for anyone who is interested in becoming a part of the UTC network, so please get in touch.

The next deadline for applications will be announced shortly.

University technical colleges have the potential to transform the status and quality of technical education, offering brilliant opportunities to young people and meeting future needs of employers for educationally and technically competent staff. This is win-win for all concerned.

The Rt Hon Lord Adonis
Trustee, Baker Dearing Educational Trust
We urgently need engineers and technologists in this country and University Technical Colleges offer a curriculum that can meet this. They offer a fantastic learning environment with an opportunity for students to get the skills they need to build successful careers.

Lord Sugar