Studying at a UTC provides your son or daughter with the opportunity to gain both an academic and technical education in an exciting and inspiring learning environment. UTC students work closely with employers to enable them to be qualified to work in sectors that are growing and looking for skilled staff.

Preparing for the world of work

  • Employers take an active role, regularly mentoring students and providing opportunities for work experience in a wide range of areas.

  • Students have opportunities to work with businesses on real-life projects, with access to world-class facilities and equipment used by industry.

  • Days typically start at 8.30am and end at 5pm including time for homework, leaving evenings clear for other activities.

  • Advice on careers is integrated into all technical and academic subjects and there is access to one-to-one help.

My son has become more out-going, confident and sociable and I know it’s what the school is doing that is making the difference.

Julie Smith
Parent, Daventry UTC

Options after studying at a UTC

Studying traditional academic subjects alongside technical specialisms opens many doors for your daughter or son. Joining a UTC prepares them for whatever they choose to do next, whether this is studying a higher level apprenticeship, going to university or getting a job.

What to do next

Find a UTC you are interested in and take a look at their website. UTCs hold regular open days and events and provide useful resources to give you further help and advice.

UTCs have good transport links so your son or daughter may be able to reach one even if it is in another local authority.

Get a student's perspective on studying at a UTC by watching our Introduction to UTCs video created by students at The Elstree UTC.

More information on the UTC curriculum can be found in our curriculum booklet.