UTC technical specialisms

UTC students can obtain technical qualifications in subject areas where employers face a shortage of skills.

Below is a list of the technical specialisms currently offered by UTCs. Students can study these alongside their core academic subjects at GCSE and A Level:

  • Broadcast media and entertainment technology

  • Built environment

  • Digital technology

  • Engineering

  • Health sciences

  • Computing and IT

  • Manufacturing

  • Product design

  • Science

  • Biomedical science

  • Gaming

  • Cyber security

  • Computer science

  • Construction

  • Energy and environmental science

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Electronic engineering

  • Life sciences

  • Aviation Engineering

  • Marine Engineering

  • Nuclear Engineering

  • Sports science

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The UTC curriculum - how it works

Ages 14-16 (Level 2): 60% of the time is spent on studying core academic subjects and 40% on studying technical specialism(s).

Ages 16-19 (Level 3): 60% of the time is spent on studying technical specialism(s) and 40% on studying core academic subjects.

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